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Advanced Supramolecular Nanoarchitectonics

Advanced Supramolecular Nanoarchitectonics

Advanced Supramolecular Nanoarchitectonics



(Micro and Nano Technologies) 1st Edition 

by Katsuhiko Ariga (Editor), Masakazu Aono (Editor) 

Advanced Supramolecular Nanoarchitectonics provides the latest information on design at the nanoscale, presenting a range of the new challenges that arise when the manipulation techniques that work at the macro- and micro-scale do not work at the nanoscale. Nanoarchitectonics approaches material design via a profound understanding of the interactions between individual nanostructures and their organization. This book presents the more advanced features of this research paradigm, focusing on the materials fabrication of self-defined nanostructures and demonstrating possible applications of these fabricated materials.

  • Written by the team that coined the term nanoarchitectonics, providing a detailed explanation of the approach and techniques of supramolecular nanoarchitectonics
  • Focuses on the fabrication of materials with defined structures via organized interactions at the nanoscale
  • Demonstrates current and potential applications of nanoarchitected materials

Year 2019
Pages 286
Language English
Format PDF
Size 64 MB
ISBN-10 128133414
ISBN-13 978-0128133415