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AI for Radiology (AI for Everything)

 AI for Radiology (AI for Everything)

AI for Radiology (AI for Everything)


Oge Marques

English | 2024 | PDF | 237 Pages

ISBNs: B0CKFGCMKV, 0367627256, 9780367627782, 978-0-367-62778-2, 978-0367627782, 978-0-367-62725-6, 978-0367627256, 9780367627256, 978-1-003-11076-7, 9781003110767, 978-1003110767

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many areas of medicine and is increasingly being embraced. This book focuses on the integral role of AI in radiology, shedding light on how this technology can enhance patient care and streamline professional workflows.

This book reviews, explains, and contextualizes some of the most current, practical, and relevant developments in artificial intelligence and deep learning in radiology and medical image analysis. AI for Radiology presents a balanced viewpoint of the impact of AI in these fields, underscoring that AI technologies are not intended to replace radiologists but rather to augment their capabilities, freeing professionals to focus on more complex cases. This book guides readers from the basic principles of AI to their practical applications in radiology, moving from the role of data in AI to the ethical and regulatory considerations of using AI in radiology and concluding with a selection of resources for further exploration.

This book has been crafted with a diverse readership in mind. It is a valuable asset for medical professionals eager to stay up to date with AI developments, computer scientists curious about AI’s clinical applications, and anyone interested in the intersection of healthcare and technology.