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Antimicrobial Resistance in Agriculture and its Consequences

 Antimicrobial Resistance in Agriculture and its Consequences

Antimicrobial Resistance in Agriculture and its Consequences


(Current Trends in Antimicrobial Research)

Arti Gupta, Ram Prasad

English | 2024 | PDF | 205 Pages

ISBNs: B0CKFJMG96, 1032216441, 9781032216447, 9781032216461, 9781003269380, 978-1032216447, 978-1032216461, 978-1003269380

This book offers comprehensive coverage of all manifestations of resistance in combating infectious diseases and explores advances in antimicrobial resistance in agriculture and their applications in the fight against microbes. It discusses and compares biological, biochemical, and structural aspects of resistance and its evolution. This is a comprehensive tool covering all manifestations of antimicrobial resistance and microbial resistance genes. In addition, it also provides a variety of photographs, diagrams, and tables to help illustrate the material. Novel strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance are also described, emphasizing collaborative measures of control. The underlining molecular mechanisms, which depend not only on the microbe but on the specific drug (target) molecule, are highly diverse and are covered in great detail.

Students, researchers, scientists, practitioners, academics, computational biologists, stakeholders, and policymakers can benefit from using Antimicrobial Resistance in Agriculture and its Consequences as a resource that addresses microbial biotechnology, microbiology, ethnopharmacology, toxicology, medicinal plant products, and all disciplines related to antimicrobial research.

Features of the book:

Covers antimicrobial resistance in agriculture with up-to-date research
Includes recent references on each plausible antimicrobial resistance in agriculture
Details the possible spread of antibiotic resistance bacteria from animals to humans
Provides several perspectives in the resistance flux with modern agricultural practices
Describes the public health impact of the use of antibiotics in agriculture
Presents cutting-edge research on epigenetics, nanotechnology, and emergent antimicrobial technologies
Outlines recent laws and regulatory guidelines in the federal agency, responsibility, and authority