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Backward Fuzzy Rule Interpolation

Backward Fuzzy Rule Interpolation

Backward Fuzzy Rule Interpolation



1st ed. 2019 Edition 

by Shangzhu Jin (Author), Qiang Shen (Contributor), Jun Peng (Contributor) 

This book chiefly presents a novel approach referred to as backward fuzzy rule interpolation and extrapolation (BFRI). BFRI allows observations that directly relate to the conclusion to be inferred or interpolated from other antecedents and conclusions. Based on the scale and move transformation interpolation, this approach supports both interpolation and extrapolation, which involve multiple hierarchical intertwined fuzzy rules, each with multiple antecedents. As such, it offers a means of broadening the applications of fuzzy rule interpolation and fuzzy inference. The book deals with the general situation, in which there may be more than one antecedent value missing for a given problem. Two techniques, termed the parametric approach and feedback approach, are proposed in an attempt to perform backward interpolation with multiple missing antecedent values. In addition, to further enhance the versatility and potential of BFRI, the backward fuzzy interpolation method is extended to support α-cut based interpolation by employing a fuzzy interpolation mechanism for multi-dimensional input spaces (IMUL). Finally, from an integrated application analysis perspective, experimental studies based upon a real-world scenario of terrorism risk assessment are provided in order to demonstrate the potential and efficacy of the hierarchical fuzzy rule interpolation methodology. 

Year 2019
Pages 167
Language English
Format PDF
Size 5 MB
ISBN-10 9811346615, 9811316538
ISBN-13 978-9811346613, 978-9811316531