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Bionanotechnology for Advanced Applications

 Bionanotechnology for Advanced Applications

Bionanotechnology for Advanced Applications


Ajaya Kumar Singh, Bhawana Jain

ISBNs: 9781032416120, 9781032423227, 9781003362258, 978-1032416120, 978-1032423227, 978-1003362258

English | 2024 | PDF | 211 Pages

This book provides the fundamental aspects of bionanomaterials and bionanotechnology, and insight into the synthesis and modification of bionanomaterials in a detailed manner. It initiates with a general overview of biotechnology and nanotechnology followed by different strategies and methodologies for the synthesis of nanomaterials. Further, it discusses pertinent topics such as protein engineering, analysis, mechanisms of microbe- mediated nanosynthesis, followed by various challenges and innovation strategies, and the role of enzymes in bionanotechnology.


Covers the synthesis of bionanomaterials, including the interaction between nanomaterial and biogenic materials
Encompasses the study of the connections between structure, molecular biology, and nanotechnology
Explains several techniques (XRD, SEM, TEM, etc.) used for the analysis of bionanomaterials
Includes prospects, challenges, and opportunities associated with bionanotechnology
Reviews the interaction between nanomaterials and the biological system and self- assembly in bionanotechnology
This book is aimed at graduate students and researchers in materials sciences, biotechnology, and bionanotechnology.