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Exploring Microeconomics 8th Edition

 Exploring Microeconomics 8th Edition

Exploring Microeconomics 8th Edition


Robert L. Sexton

ISBNs: B07NBR9HDN, 1544363346, 1544339453, 9781544339443, 9781544363349, 9781544339450, 978-1544339443, 978-1544363349, 978-1544339450, 978-1-5443-3944-3

English | 2020 | Original PDF | 133 MB | 617 Pages

The excitement of learning economics for the first time.
The experience of a lifetime of teaching it.

The Eighth Edition of Exploring Microeconomics captures the excitement of learning microeconomics for the first time through a lively and encouraging narrative that connects microeconomics to the world in a way that is familiar to readers. Author Robert L. Sexton draws on over 25 years of teaching experience to capture readers’ attention, focusing on core concepts and expertly weaving in examples from current events and popular culture to make even classic economic principles modern and relatable. The text sticks to the basics and applies a thoughtful learning design, segmenting its presentation into brief, visually appealing, self-contained sections that are easier for readers to digest and retain compared to sprawling text.

Thoughtfully placed section quizzes, interactive summaries, and problem sets help readers check their comprehension at regular intervals and develop the critical thinking skills that will allow them to "think like economists." Exploring Microeconomics will ignite readers’ passion for the field and reveal its practical application in the world around them.