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Functional Performance in Older Adults 5th Edition

Functional Performance in Older Adults 5th Edition

Functional Performance in Older Adults 5th Edition


Bette Bonder; Noralyn Pickens; Vanina Dal Bello-Haas

ISBNs: 1719647909, 1719651531, 9781719647908, 9781719651530, 9781719651547, 978-1719647908, 978-1719651530, 978-1719651547

English | 2024 | Original PDF | 50 MB | 593 Pages

Support the health, well-being, and quality of life of older adults!
Here’s the ideal resource for students who are preparing to work with older adults. This text discusses the complexity of the aging experience, the science that contributes to positive aging, and the specific considerations that occupational therapy practitioners must bring to their efforts to support older adults. You’ll find descriptions of the normal aging process, discussions of how health and social factors can impact your clients’ ability to participate in valued occupations, and guidance on how to develop occupation-based strategies for maximizing their well-being.

  • New Chapters! Features nine new chapters, Aging and Culture; Identity, Sexuality, and Relationships; Legal and Ethical Issues; Special Concerns in Care and Prevention; Metabolic Conditions; Home Management; Health Management and Sleep; Community Mobility and Driving; Caregiving; and Acute Care Services.
  • Revised! Features a reconceptualized section, Aging: Body Structures and Body Functions, with chapters addressing both normal aging and health conditions to provide a holistic perspective on functional and occupational performance in older adults and OT interventions.
  • Updated & Expanded! Addresses interprofessional practice as interprofessional collaboration to emphasize its importance in today’s healthcare environment and to clients.
  • New! Threads “Case Studies” throughout the chapters to encourage in-the-moment application of the content, and revisits those related to health conditions in the chapters on service delivery to help students appreciate the delivery of OT services in different care contexts.
  • Revised and Updated! Incorporates the most current evidence available and presents strategies supported by the evidence in “Promoting Best Practices” boxes.
  • New! Summarizes the assessments most relevant to older adult practice, occupation, and psychometrically best practices in an assessment table organized by ICF factors.
  • Encourages clinical reasoning with a “Mini-Case Study” and “Provocative Questions” at the beginning of each chapter and “Critical-Thinking Questions” at the end of each chapter with the author’s suggested responses in Appendix A.
  • Reviews assessment and intervention strategies.
  • Uses the International Classification of Function (ICF; World Health Organization) as its major organizing principle.