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Osborn's Brain: Imaging, Pathology and Anatomy 3rd Edition

 Osborn's Brain: Imaging, Pathology and Anatomy 3rd Edition

Osborn's Brain: Imaging, Pathology and Anatomy 3rd Edition


Anne G. Osborn, Luke L. Linscott, Karen L. Salzman

English | 2024 | EPUB, Converted PDF

ISBNs: B0CKLJ9FMG, 0443109370, 9780443109379, 9780443109577, 9780443109584, 978-0443109379, 978-0443109577, 978-0443109584, 978-0-443-10937-9, 978-0-443-10958-4

Combining informative, meticulously crafted prose with more than 4,000 high-quality images, Osborn's Brain, third edition, is a comprehensive, easy to understand, and visually stunning learning curriculum from highly esteemed author Dr. Anne G. Osborn. This fully revised edition provides a solid framework for understanding the complex subject of brain imaging, integrating relevant information from Dr. Osborn’s entire career of accumulated knowledge, experience, and interest in neuropathology, neurosurgery, and clinical neurosciences. While neuroradiologists will find intriguing, thought-provoking insights included especially for them in every chapter, Osborn’s Brain is an excellent review resource for physicians at all levels of expertise—from seasoned radiologists and neurosurgeons to new and senior residents or fellows.

Combines essential anatomy with gross pathology and imaging, clearly demonstrating why and how diseases appear the way they do and helping readers think clearly about diagnoses, types of diagnoses, and the various pathologies that can affect the brain
Guides readers through the “must know” aspects of neuroimaging and neuropathology (brain trauma, stroke, vascular lesions, etc.) before zeroing in on such topics as infections, demyelinating and inflammatory diseases, neoplasms, toxic-metabolic-degenerative disorders, and congenital brain malformations
Provides state-of-the-art coverage on such topics as new brain tumor entities, the effects of emerging viral illness such as COVID-19 on the brain, and recently delineated/named diseases (e.g., HIV-associated CD8 encephalitis)
Features more than 4,000 stunning, high-resolution radiologic images and 100+ detailed, full-color medical illustrations, all of which are annotated to describe the most clinically significant features; and includes robust, digital-only galleries that contain hundreds of additional images that further illustrate each chapter
Includes up-to-date nomenclature based on the 5th edition of the WHO Classification of Tumors, Central Nervous System, including a complete revision, expansion, and updating of CNS neoplasms with new entities, revised grading criteria, diagnostic molecular pathology, and nomenclature
Contains Dr. Osborn’s trademark summary boxes for a quick review of essential facts, signature graphics with additional radiological and pathologic correlations, and up-to-the-minute literature references