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REBT with Diverse Client Problems and Populations

REBT with Diverse Client Problems and Populations

REBT with Diverse Client Problems and Populations



1st ed. 2019 Edition 

by Windy Dryden (Editor), Michael E. Bernard (Editor) 

This practice-focused resource demonstrates effective uses of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy methods and techniques in treating clients across various conditions, settings, and subgroups.

Client problems featured include both those often associated with REBT (e.g., anxiety, depression, anger) and others noted for complex presentations, difficulties with engagement, and impasses (e.g., addictions, suicidality, psychosis). Challenging treatment populations are covered as well, including women, couples, families, elder and pediatric clients, clients with disabilities, and sexual minorities. These stimulating cases show how well the diversity of clients and their concerns is matched by the flexibility of techniques and applications within REBT.

In each chapter, expert therapists:

· Identify concepts in REBT especially suited to approaching the problem or population.

· Outline best REBT practices in assessment and treatment of the client(s).

· Survey evidence-based non-REBT approaches most useful in complementing REBT.

· Provide a brief case example representing appropriate REBT in action.

· Assess their use of REBT in treating the problem or members of the population.

A bedrock text for REBT scholar-practitioners, REBT with Diverse Populations and Problems is a testimony to the continuing usefulness of the therapy and its adaptability as client populations emerge and as the contexts of client problems evolve in response to a demanding world.

Year 2019
Pages 421
Language English
Format PDF
Size 5 MB
ISBN-10 3030027228
ISBN-13 978-3030027223