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Smart Innovation in Agriculture

 Smart Innovation in Agriculture

Smart Innovation in Agriculture


(Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies Book 264)

Elena G. Popkova, Bruno S. Sergi

ISBNs: B09TNX692L, 9811676321 981167633X, 9811676356, 9789811676352, 9789811676338, 9789811676321, 978-9811676352, 978-9811676338, 978-9811676321, 978-981-16-7632-1, 978-981-16-7633-8

English | 2022 | PDF | 344 Pages

This book is concerned with the systemic examination of the prospects for the development of smart agriculture for sustainable development. This book substantiates the top-priority significance of smart innovation in agriculture for modern economic and ecological systems. The book not only examines the theoretical concept of smart agriculture, but also gives consideration to the rule of thumb in terms of its implementation in different countries worldwide. The book contains both fundamental and applied recommendations on the innovative technological development of smart agriculture in modern economic and ecological systems for sustainable development. The book is not limited to a single vector of development of smart agriculture, but is representative of all of them, making it possible to describe the future prospects in the fullest, most reliable and accurate manner, and to comprehensively present the directions for its development. The book has developed and applied an advanced and sophisticated methodology, the advantage of which consists in the reliance on big data with the use of datasets, which allows improving accuracy, reliability, authenticity, and coverage of results.