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Smart Nanocarrier for Effective Drug Delivery

 Smart Nanocarrier for Effective Drug Delivery

Smart Nanocarrier for Effective Drug Delivery


Pankaj Sharma, Wasim Akram, Vinay Jain, Mukul Tailang

ISBNs: B0CKFJTF5W, 1032573384, 9781032573380, 978-1-032-57338-0, 9781032573380, 978-1-032-57340-3, 978-1032573403, 9781032573403, 978-1-003-43895-3, 9781003438953, 978-1003438953

English | 2024 | PDF | 271 Pages

Introducing Smart Nanocarrier for Effective Drug Delivery―a pioneering guide that delves into the realm of nanotechnology and its revolutionary impact on drug delivery systems. This comprehensive volume offers a deep understanding of smart nanocarriers' principles, design, and applications, setting it apart as a cutting-edge resource in the field.

Nanotechnology has transformed drug delivery, enhanced therapeutic outcomes, and minimized side effects. This book provides a concise yet thorough overview of this dynamic landscape, elucidating key concepts and methodologies. It covers foundational principles and explores advanced strategies for targeted drug delivery, personalized medicine, and combination therapy.


In-depth exploration of various types of nanocarriers, from liposomes to polymeric nanoparticles, highlighting their unique attributes.
Detailed examination of smart stimuli-responsive nanocarriers that release drugs at precise locations and times.
Comprehensive analysis of the latest advancements in nanomedicine, including nanodiagnostics and theranostics.
Case studies illustrating real-world applications and success stories of nanocarrier-enhanced drug delivery.
Smart Nanocarrier for Effective Drug Delivery is an invaluable resource for researchers, practitioners, and students in pharmaceutical sciences, nanotechnology, and drug delivery. It offers a roadmap to harnessing the potential of nanocarriers for enhancing therapeutic efficacy while minimizing adverse effects. This book equips readers with the knowledge to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of smart nanocarrier technology, making it an essential addition to their professional toolkit.