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Traditional Herbal Remedies of Sri Lanka

Traditional Herbal Remedies of Sri Lanka

Traditional Herbal Remedies of Sri Lanka



(Natural Products Chemistry of Global Plants) 1st Edition

by Viduranga Y. Waisundara (Editor)

The Sri Lankan medicinal system predominantly utilizes herbs and spices for the treatment of various ailments. This is mostly because Sri Lanka is a tropical country, a biodiverse hot-spot blessed with a plethora of flora and fauna. Traditional Herbal Remedies of Sri Lanka looks at the traditional medicinal practices of the country that utilize plant material from a cultural, philosophical and scientific perspective. When it comes to the scientific aspects, several Sri Lankan herbs have been in the spotlight for possessing bioactive constituents with promising therapeutic effects. It is hoped that these will be considered as strong candidates to combat currently prevailing global disease conditions.

Key Features:

  • Reveals the science behind the traditional wisdom passed down in Sri Lanka’s long history of using herbal medicines
  • Emphasizes the increasing global interest in botanical drugs
  • Reviews the hot topic of Sri Lankan herbs, which possess bioactive constituents and have promising therapeutic effects
  • Aids the international natural product communities to better understand the herbal resources in Sri Lanka

Year 2019
Pages 181
Language English
Format PDF
Size 40 MB
ISBN-10 1138743089
ISBN-13 978-1138743083