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Whey Proteins: From Milk to Medicine

 Whey Proteins: From Milk to Medicine

Whey Proteins: From Milk to Medicine



Author(s)Hilton C. Deeth, Nidhi Bansal
Size23 MB
PublisherAcademic Press
ISBN0128121246, 978-0128121245, B07H32D5H5

Whey Proteins: From Milk to Medicine addresses the basic properties of whey proteins including chemistry, analysis, heat sensitivity, interactions with other proteins and carbohydrates, modifications (hydrolysis, aggregation, conjugation), their industrial preparation, processing and applications, quality aspects including flavour and effects of storage, as well as their role in nutrition, sports and exercise, and health and wellness.

Readers of Whey Proteins will gain a better understanding of the chemical nature of the various whey proteins in cow’s milk and the milk of other species. This includes their unique physical and functional properties; the industrial processes used to extract them from milk, to process them into various forms, and to modify them to enhance their functionality; and their nutritive value and application in the fields of sports and exercise science, infant nutrition and medicine. This book is an essential resource for food and nutrition researchers, dairy and food companies, pharmaceutical organizations, and graduate students.

  • Presents up-to-date coverage of whey proteins from milk to medicine
  • Contains a description of the production and properties of whey protein products
  • Offers an overview of the effects of thermal and non-thermal processes on whey protein characteristics
  • Describes the rationale for, and benefits of, using whey proteins in health and wellness preparations